Our Vision & Projects

“We hope that we will soon be able to meet some of the most basic needs of our families – nutrition, housing, schooling and healthcare.” Joachim Munganga, President of Sopacdi.

Our Vision

The enthusiasm and commitment to Sopacdi from farmers in the region is huge. We have grown from just 300 members to over 3600 in just a few years. We are already investing in our infrastructure, most notably in our new coffee washing station, and renovating our land, but our vision is much greater.

We plan to build a central headquarters to house our office, cupping laboratory and full quality control facilities. We need to invest in high quality processing facilities closer to our outlying farmers in the hinterlands, far from the lake, who are several hours walk away from the new washing station.

Our Projects

Our farmers and their families live in very basic conditions in what until recently, have been very fractured communities due to civil war. They often have no access to medical care when they are ill. We hope that the Fairtrade premiums will enable to invest in improving our communities over the years to come. In particular need are widows who have lost their husbands in the violence of recent years. For this reason, we have chosen to pay a women’s coffee premium to help them better provide for their families.