Our People

Sopacdi’s coffee promotes reconciliation between ethnic groups, bringing people together to work and to promote practical ways to move forward. 

Today we are 5600 farmers, we speak Kirundi, Kihavu or Kinyarwanda, yet we are united in one vision: to improve our families’ lives and our communities through coffee. 

It is a time of great change and hope for us. Many of us had to leave our land for our safety during the conflict years. If we stayed, we had no choice but to sell our coffee to smugglers or smuggle it ourselves across Lake Kivu into Rwanda. It was very dangerous and many farmers lost their lives.

 Eleven years ago a group of us came together to look for a way forward.  We decided that producing and marketing the finest coffee was the answer, and so we started. We experimented, and produced just a few tonnes at first. We finally found a buyer in 2008, who was amazed by the quality of our coffee. Since then, the momentum has been building. We have begun renovating our farms, and have achieved Fairtrade and organic certification. Many families have returned to their homes and are joining the cooperative.